Research, innovation and development. This is the winning formula of ECIE technology. ECIE “Electric Components and Instruments Europe” was born in November 1991. Our history is made of fast growth and success, thanks to the ability to establish strong partnerships with customers and suppliers, based on mutual trust and sharing of perspectives and aims.

We make intelligent technology easy to use and useful. We use standardized technologies and products that also offer customized solutions. Our product range offers a wide choice for all needs. Our production includes front and rear lights, direction indicators, electrical devices, dashboards.

The specific requirements of every customer are met thanks to the synergy of ECIE’s most important resource: Personnel. A multi-disciplinary team of more than 40 people with different backgrounds and experience, who have no limits and continue to develop motivated by a common goal: to provide a service of utmost quality.

We are a group with a great goal every day: to satisfy every customer’s needs with punctuality and efficiency. Thanks to the synergies of the HB4 group we are able to offer a continuous flow of information and services that are qualified and processed according to the reality of their customers, ensuring a correct strategy to reinforce the potential of each product. The key to our success is the continuous updating of our facilities, together with the use of increasingly advanced technologies.

We have a dedicated electronic development team to meet the needs of the digital instrumentation market.